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Learn the art of perfume making from the comfort of your home.

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Hey I'm

Niyati Purohit

I am here to demystify the world of perfumes for you. I will make it simple for you to create your bespoke perfumes without making expensive mistakes!

I have spent 8 years of my life as a functional perfumer for various organisations, helping them design high impact fragrances for their respective applications.
It is this knowledge & experience that now helps me bring you a range of highly focused and engaging online courses & workshops.

These courses are designed to help you quickly grasp the nuances of perfumery and take your plans to the next level.

What people have to say!

Sublime! It is an experience to remember. Niyati is very professional and has great passion for her craft. The opportunity to make our own perfume and to understand the perfume making process was heaven-sent for me. I feel that my time and money were well spent. Thanks a lot!
Shaunik Rai
It’s been a while I was searching for a good perfume course .and VOILA I happened to find NIRO. The course was nicely planned by Niyati and it enriched me with in Depth knowledge of perfumery .Lots to learn and lots to practise all thanks to NIRO to not only fulfill my desire of learning perfumery and also taking away the blends we created while learning to take home . Highly recommended!!
Swapnil Tithe
Niyati is calm, composed and a thorough professional. She has great knowledge of perfumery & answers all basic (or sometime stupid questions) with a lot of patience. I highly recommend her courses.
Shruti Agarwal