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Quickly Develop The Skill to Create Bespoke Perfumes for Family & Friends or Explore Business Opportunity

Course - 33 Videos

I will take you on a journey with 33 videos; from introducing the basics of perfume making to creating a complete bespoke perfume. Start your journey today.

FREE Material Kit

The most critical step in learning perfumery is knowing your material. Get your personal perfumery “organ” with 15 aromatic compounds, smelling strips, spray bottles & mixing jars. Play on.

Actionable Exercises

You can get the theoretical knowledge and material, but the actual learning will happen when you will follow our exercises as explained. All 33 videos come with an exercise.

Want to make your own Perfume, but don't know where to start?

Do you feel too overwhelmed with the thought?

Or are you not able to blend fragrance oils to smell like a Perfume?

You may be a perfume admirer who has appreciated the art all through. You may be someone who knows what essential oil is & you may be collecting a few of them already. You may have read a couple of books or researched online. But still, it is a mystery! I know how it feels, I have been there….where you think somehow the pieces of the puzzle are not falling together. It can be frustrating to a point where you feel this is not for me! I have designed this course to help to complete the puzzle. I don’t just share a few formulas for you to copy and feel a quick sense of accomplishment. I teach you how to think like a perfumer so that tomorrow any new inspiration hits you; you are equipped to turn that into a perfume.

Online Course

FREE Material Kit


You will learn....

Training Your Nose

The nose is the most crucial tool & we do not want to tire our nose or get a headache in the process. Learn how to perceive, interpret and identify individual fragrance materials without tiring our nose.

About Fragrance Materials

Learn the basics about fragrance families and in detail about the materials in your kit. There is a video for each material telling you where they come from & how are they used in perfumery.

Perfume Structure

We all may know a perfume has a Top, Middle & Base. But what do they mean and what do they contribute to the overall character of the perfume? You will learn about the technical importance of the perfume structure.

Building Accords

Accords are the building blocks of a great perfumer. You will learn how to create accords that match brief and also stay balanced and effective

Writing a Professional Perfume Brief

The first step of making any great perfume is getting the brief right! We share a format on how to write a brief like a professional. This will help you avoid some very expensive mistakes.

Creating a Perfume

And finally, the art, science & magic of creating your signature perfume. Perfume is more than just a blend of a few good-smelling oils. I will help you make your first perfume and get you started on the journey of becoming a master perfumer.

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Experience what it is like to be learning the art of perfume making with Niyati.


I don't have an extraordinary Nose! Can I Learn PErfumery?

It is a myth that you need to have an extraordinary sense of smell in perfumery before you begin. This is not entirely true. A nose can be trained and taught to understand and interpret smells. Our course will help you with training your nose!


Our course is a very unique blend of theory and practicals. With the Niro Fragrance Kit, you will have access to the materials and it is the guidance that would be online. The practical exercises in the course will help you use the kit better and learn perfumery at a fast pace.

Do I get a certificate after completing the online course?

Perfumery is a complex subject and takes years of practice and learning. The course is introductory and will help you get started. After completion of the online course, you will be eligible to attend our Advanced course at our studio, which will get you a course completion certificate.

Do I need a Chemistry Degree to Learn PErfumery?

No. The course is designed keeping in mind, non-chemistry background people. If you look at my journey, I too started without having a degree in chemistry. And I will always be there to help you through the journey.

I just want to make natural perfume, is this course for me?

In this online course I will be teaching you the basics of perfumery. These basics remain same for natural & synthetics. I will teach you a process which I advise you to follow whenever you add a new material to your organ (natural or synthetic).

I want to make my own perfumes, something very unique, will i be able to do it after i finish the course?

Yes, in this course I will teach you how to think like a perfumer. After completing the course, you will be able to write your perfume brief and will know the structure to translate that idea into a perfume.


An email address & an inquisitive attitude. That’s all.  

Have a question which is not answered?

Feel free to reach out to us with your specific question and we will do our best to answer it. Please mail us at niytai[at]niroperfumestudio[dot]com