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Hey I'm Niyati

The magic of perfumery has always mystified me. Is it a science? An art? Or something entirely different? How is it that we know so little about something so intimate with us throughout the day?

It is not only the perfume we wear so proudly, but our interaction with fragrances start right from when we brush our teeth or have our morning coffee right up until we wash our face before we go to bed. Every fragrance we encounter has a deep and meaningful impact on your life. It is this magic that drove my passion into exploring this world governed by a keen sense of smell and deep psychology.

But then, soon after questions came speeding into my mind……..

Where do I start?
How does one learn perfumery?
Do I need a chemistry degree?
How much would the course cost?
Do I have the time for it?

Getting the answers to these questions proved to be quite tricky, but my passion kept me going. You would be surprised by lack of information about perfumery in the World Wide Web. It is quite a closed and small industry; fewer perfumers than astronauts BTW!

To find my answers, I turned to the books. After reading many books, with complicated chemical formulations and technicalities, I hit a wall. I realised that I need help! I need a coach, a mentor or someone I can ask basic questions to and get answers. Remember, I was starting from zero! No experience, no prior knowledge. Just an undying love for perfumery.

At the right time, I found my coach & guide, a master perfumer based out of the UK who, after a lot of persuading, agreed to guide and teach me in the art of perfume making. The time I spent in this phase of my life truly transformed me forever.

I knew that I wanted to not only learn and use perfumery in my trade but also make it readily available to learn for many more who are interested. You may be interested in creating a beautiful signature perfume, or in making soothing soaps, or aromatic candles; I have you covered for all that and more!

Investment of time & money was holding me back from learning perfumery for a very long time. When I did decide to go for it, Time & Money were the two most significant investments I had to make. My lack of a chemistry background also was something I was anxious about, but this is where the “art” of perfumery helps conquer the “science” of it.

After my course, I spent almost 8 years as a functional perfumer for various organisations, helping them design high impact fragrances for their respective applications. It is this knowledge & experience that now helps me bring you a range of highly focused and engaging online courses & workshops. These courses are designed to help you quickly grasp the nuances of perfumery and take your plans to the next level.

I have created the online course with 33 videos to help you understand the process, the ideology & the mixology of perfumes from the very basics. To get detailed information about the course, check out the “Learn Perfumery” tab.

My advanced courses are highly focused on in-depth knowledge of functional perfumery and perfume psychology. Attending the advanced workshop (available only after you complete the beginners or online course) will give you unique insights into the relationship of perfumes and the mind.

Perfumery, to me, has been my rabbit whole. I am exploring & learning every day. It never stops to amuse me!

Come, let us experience this magical world together.

Hope to see you inside my online school!

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