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  • 25ml glass beaker

    25 ml Glass Beaker – Set of 5


    If you want to reuse your blending equipment then a glass beaker is the best choice for you. These glass beakers are reusable. While reusing, make sure there is no residual smell from your last experiment.

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    Blending Jar – Pack of 12

    200.00 120.00

    Convenient blending jars for all your experiments! This is a 20ml jar with a lid. Use this jar only for experiments. If you wish to store your trails for a longer period, it is advisable to use a glass jar.

  • 30ml refillable perfume bottle

    Refillable Glass Perfume Bottle 30ml (Black) – Set of 3


    Enjoy your perfume creation using this beautiful and elegant looking refillable glass bottle with spray.

  • Sale! smelling strip for perfumery

    Working Smelling Strip – Pack of 100

    100.00 95.50

    Smelling strip or blotter or scent trip, used for testing fragrances. They are disposable & made out of paper.

    Blotter used in stores for perfume selling is slightly thicker than what is used in perfumery lab. Thinner paper helps does not hold the perfume for long & we can assess the different phases of a material. But smelling strip is thicker than normal paper and is not the same as we get in the market for printing or other craftwork.